Between May 16 and 21, 2017 Body Narratives Collective Co-Directors Meghan Goodman and Julia Carr (accompanied by their toddlers) traveled to Kitimat and Prince Rupert to facilitate workshops in the communities. They shared their love of dance and interdisciplinary collaboration in Kitimat Village with Haisla Elementary School primary grades using media to puzzle dancing body parts together on screen, and introduced long-exposure photography and movement techniques to the intermediate grades. Above is a photograph the students created collaboratively of this young lady flying a kite.

In this next photo the students were practicing drawing shapes in space with their light tools, you’ll see a cloud, tree, mountain and sun from left to right.

While in Kitmat, Julia and Meghan also had the opportunity to work with local dance teachers and their Contemporary festival dance students on technique, pedagogy and choreographic tools. The students and teachers were all very enthusiastic and appreciative. From Kitimat Julia and Meghan traveled to Prince Rupert where they were able to share the Long Exposure Photography and Movement workshop in two installments with a lovely intergenerational group of ESL students, elders and youth. There is a special group of adults in Prince Rupert that do poi dance together, and they were able to bring their interests and skills in poi dance to the workshop. Together, this next image was created in the workshop with the use of illuminated poi and dancing through space (ball of light attached to the end of a string).

This next photo was created through a process of interviewing the participants to find out more about them. Rita, featured below, shared her life story of moving from India to Botswana where she had an amazing home and garden full of fruit trees. When she and her husband moved to Canada they donated the house to be used as an orphanage.

Sage, featured below was an excellent model for a technique called “masking”. Using black cloth and long exposure painting techniques the group was able to collaborate to create the illusion of a floating head.

The group in Prince Rupert also joined BNC co-directors for an introduction to contemporary dance class. There was some beautiful explorations of movement, moments of witnessing others moving, and after our time together, the group was left with a tangible sense of how movement has the capacity to uplift and inspire. It was a great honour to work in these communities, and Meghan and Julia would like to share our thanks and appreciation to those who made this residency possible: Kitimat’s Anna-Marie Carstens and the M Star Hotel, Prince Rupert’s Karen Buchanan and our host Patrick, Made in BC and Julie Lebel, and to all the students and teachers who participated, thank you for such a warm welcome to your communities. Thanks to all Made in BC funders, especially the Vancouver Foundation which directly supported this initiative. Special thank you to Duane and Cooper’s family and to Katrina and Eduarda who took such wonderful care of our sons while we were teaching. This last picture was taken by one of the workshop participants, whose name happens to be Happy, who we ran into on the ferry ride to the island airport in Prince Rupert. Featured from left to right, Kirk, Julia, Meghan and Sage.