Building Capacity

Core Made in BC Presenters complete a capacity survey prior to joining the network, or at the time of renewal, exploring all levels of administrative, financial and programming capacity. Presenters work with MiBC to identify their own development needs, priorities and plans. MiBC works with presenters to develop a set of achievable goals and the strategies needed to get there.

Made in BC offers core programs designed to meet the most common needs around programming development (a mainstage touring program, a highly accessible outdoors / site specific touring program, and a suite of community-engagement projects and programs).

Made in BC presenters have access to key CanDance programs:

Made in BC presenters are offered travel funding as available to attend one national dance presentation conference and at least one regional conference every year.

We will also occasionally offer additional programs, projects, or professional consultations as needed, to assist our presenters in achieving their goals.

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