Approaches to Touring

Do you think you may want to tour?

This project is designed to respond to specific individual dance artists’ needs, with support provided by members of the professional performing arts community with significant experience in touring and tour readiness.

To access this program, you will be asked to submit an application that clarifies your current situation and expectations.

Once accepted, you will be asked to pay an initial $100 fee to MiBC, then invited to book up to 10 private sessions which are scheduled at mutual convenience, over the course of one year. The relationship is confidential, open-ended and develops as long as it is useful to you.

This pilot program is designed to provide one on one discussions, mentoring and coaching on subjects such as:
  • How touring works
  • Basic production requirements
  • Developing networks and opportunities
  • Identifying potential markets
  • Preparing and managing budgets
  • Building relationships with presenters
  • Negotiating and contracting
This pilot program WILL NOT offer:
  • Grant writing services
  • Management services
  • Publicity and promotion services
  • Tour booking services

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Barb Clausen

Barb Clausen

Barb Clausen

Barb Clausen has been working in the dance community in Canada since 1980. Originally trained as a visual artist, she later studied dance and has worked as a dance teacher, administrator, and programmer. Barb has programmed dance series at the Firehall Arts Centre, the Vancouver Playhouse, the Waterfront Theatre, the Cultch, the Roundhouse and outdoors on Granville Island.

Barb was one of the founders and the first Executive Director of Vancouver’s Dance Centre. She later worked for three years as a Dance Officer at the Canada Council in Ottawa, both in the Dance Section and later at the Touring Office, where she instituted the Dance Touring Residency Program.

In 1993 Barb founded New Performance Works Society (New Works) and led that organization until 2010. New Works continues to provide management, mentoring and coaching to dance artists and administrators, and presents regular performance series and special productions celebrating “all sorts of dance for all sorts of people.”

Working with Jim Smith, Barb initiated DanceHouse, Vancouver’s large-scale contemporary dance series, which is presented at the Vancouver Playhouse. DanceHouse is currently in its eighth season.

Dani Fecko

Dani Fecko

Founder and President of Fascinator Management

Dani Fecko

Dani Fecko is Founder and Principal of Fascinator Management, an agency, production house and consultancy based in Vancouver, BC. Currently working with Company 605 and a number Vancouver-based independent theatre companies, Fascinator is driven by the values of community connection, rigorous art making and creative place-making.

Dani has a long history working in contemporary theatre in Vancouver. She was Managing Producer of Boca del Lupo, Production and Facilities Manager for Carousel Theatre for Young People and spent four years as Associate Curator at the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. She is currently advising emerging touring clients through the Vancouver Fringe Festival and Theatre Replacement.

Dani trained as a Stage Manager, working for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Vancouver Opera, Vancouver Playhouse locally and Theatre Replacement, Neworld Theatre, and more across Canada and Europe. She tour managed across North America, Mexico and Europe with Rimini Protokoll. She has been on numerous local theatre boards. She was on the Vancouver planning committee for the Western Arts Alliance, and is a proud member of the development of committee of the International Society of the Performing Arts (ISPA).

Dani is a graduate of Studio 58 and lives in Vancouver with her husband and their pet fish, Dot.

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