Joe Ink

Move It!

Whether it’s in the sandbox or the cubicle, everyone needs to break out of the box once in a while. In cultures around the world, for all ages, dance is a major form of expression.

Move It! Invites participants back into their bodies, to everyone’s first language: movement. From toddlers to grandmothers and everyone in between, community members of all ages and abilities come together to be inspired, empowered and motivated to move their bodies through dance making. This workshop puts an emphasis on physical literacy, creative expansion, mental health, confidence and overall well being. Experience the exhilaration of movement in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Rediscover the profound pleasure of movement; find renewed energy and confidence, alleviate stress, tune into your body, affirm your creativity, build physical literacy, experience the joy of dance making, develop a sense of connection with fellow participants, appreciate the beauty and diversity of your community, re-connect to your innate playful spontaneous self and have fun!

Monday (2 Hours)
  • meet and familiarize
  • give a brief agenda of the week
  • get to know the group through name games, partner and small group work
  • begin to learn some very basic dance technique (in the centre and moving across the floor)
  • learn some basic steps of a dance combination
Tuesday (2 hours)
  • review name game
  • incorporate loco motor movement (exploring tempo, levels, shape, etc)
  • re-visit and learn more dance technique and across the floor work
  • review and add to dance combination
  • creative movement exercises as individuals, also in partners and small group movement games
Wednesday (2 hours)
  • review loco motor movement
  • review dance technique and across the floor work
  • review dance combination
  • start to build performance piece based on the creative movement exercises we have worked on so far
  • add more creative movement exercises if needed
Thursday (2 hours)
  • review loco motor movement
  • review dance technique and across the floor work
  • review dance combination
  • complete performance piece based on creative movement exercises and dance combo learned
  • make sure everyone feels comfortable for performance the following day
Friday (3 hours) Performance Day!
  • group meets 1.5 hours before show to warm up and review performance
  • Performance! (which includes a description of the program, an audience warm- up, showing the technique section and across the floor work, and finally the piece created based on the creative movement work, approx. 30-45 minutes total)
  • brief reception