Moving/ Forward

Kristina Lemieux & Sophia Wolfe

Moving/ Forward brings a five-year survey of dance created for the screen by artists based in Western Canada. From square dance to street dance, this program provides audiences a chance to experience a little bit of a lot of things. Dance can be hard to navigate, but the narrative format of the screen will break down the barriers and provide another avenue of appreciate for this form.

Kristina Lemieux is an arts administrator and contemporary dancer. With a deep passion for dance, she co-founded Polymer Dance in 2012, a contemporary dance class and performing group. She has been curating short film programs since 2011. These programs have shown at Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Queer Arts Festival, and International Dance Day at The Dance Centre. Currently she is a co-curator of Tripod, a themed short film series.

Sophia Wolfe is a Vancouver based contemporary dance artist who also works in visual media including photography, film, and video art. Sophia started dancing at the age of three and completed her post secondary dance training in Vancouver through Modus Operandi. Sophia’s dancing has lead her to tour nationally and internationally with Company 605, Co-Erasga and has more recently worked with with independent choreographer Chick Snipper. Her deep interest in dance on screen has lead her to organize and curate the first ever International Youth Festival Of Recorded Movement (F-O-R-M), which is happening for it’s second year in June 2017. (

Camera Ception (pictured)
Director: Alex Tam, Sophia Wolfe Under mentorship with Josh Hite | Choreographer: Improvisation by Modus Operandi Students 2013/14
Vancouver, Canada | 2014 | 4:38

Inheritor Recordings
Director: Brian Johnson & Lisa Gelley | Choreographer: Josh Martin
Canada | 2014 | 6:20

International Dance Day
Director: Jason Karman | Choreographer: Arash Khakpour, Baldeep Dulay, Veronica Stewart, Tony Giroux
Vancouver, Canada | 2015 | 2:38

Director: Karissa Barry | DOP:  Rob Sondergaard | Choreographer: Karissa Barry in collaboration with Frédéric Tavernini
Montréal, Canada | 2014 | 6:22

Director: Rosanna Terracciano | Choreographer: Rosanna Terracciano
Calgary, Canada | 2013 | 8:39

the promise
Director: Jason Karman | Choreographer: Nicolo Fonte
Canada | 2015 | 5:22

Small Itch
Director: Aya Garcia | Choreographer: Deanna Peters
Vancouver, Canada | 2014 | 3:16

Mean Time
Director: Brian Johnson | Choreographer: Jennifer McLeish-Lewis
Canada/South Africa | 2014 | 5:30

Picture Locking
Collaboration between a dancer & filmmaker: Kim Sato & Nathan Boey
Canada | 2013 | 3:17

Plus works by Nita Bowerman, Miriam Colvin and others


The works come with a pre-designed poster, social media graphics and program.

For an additional fee, Kristina could attend the screening as well to facilitate a discussion about dance on film. It would also be possible to organization a workshop on dance on film creation.

This mixed bill evening will appeal to dance and film lovers. With no short longer than 15 minutes, there will be a handful of pieces to please anyone.

Title of Work
Moving/ Forward
Date, Presenter and Location of Premiere
This series of dance film shorts has been curated specifically for the Made in BC Network.
This project is a
Dance Short Film Screening
Length of Work (including intermission)
72 minutes
Is there an intermission
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Contact Information/Coordonnées

Company Name / Nom de la compagnie
Kristina Lemieux
Address / Adresse
202-739 Gore Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A 2Z9

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Kristina Lemieux
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(778) 991-2839
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