Objects and Outsiders – two works by Julianne Chapple

Julianne Chapple

‘the edges of things are ill defined’ functions as a moving painting. Two figures create abstract images as their bodies intersect, and a third performer illuminates the dancers in real time, controlling a hand-held light and guiding the audiences’ eye.

‘Self Portrait’, a work for three dancers, is a complex and subtle study of identity and female self-image, drawing on depictions of women in art and the relationship with the spectator.

Together these pieces create a dark and voyeuristic dreamscape where distinctions between self and other are blurred. Both pieces of choreography are unique in their ability to combine eerie dramatic suspense with virtuosic yet restrained athleticism.




Julianne Chapple’s work explores surreal imagery, objecthood and memory. Drawing on a history of performed movement including circus, acrobatics and yoga, as well as classical and contemporary dance forms, the edges of the body’s mobility is explored and exploited often to the effect of depersonalizing and fragmenting the human form.

Julianne’s choreography has been presented at the Edam Dance Series, Dancing on the Edge, Dances for a Small Stage, Festival Launch, 12 Minutes Max, Drift Arts Festival, SWARM Art Walk (Vancouver), Dance Days (Victoria), The Chinook Series (Edmonton), 60X60 Dance (Montreal), Risky Business Rebel Yells (Toronto), Tipperary Dance Festival (Ireland) and Nah Dran (Berlin). Her performance, video and installation work has been presented at the Foreshore, Franc Gallery, Dusseldorf’s Open Art Film Festival, and Iris Film Collective’s One Take Super 8.

Julianne is the 2017 recipient of the Iris Garland Emerging Choreography award which will support the presentation of her first full length production at the Dance Centre in fall of 2018.

Choreographer: Julianne Chapple

Performers: Maxine Chadburn, Francesca Frewer, Antonio Somera, Kirstyn Konig

Julianne and performers are available to lead workshops exploring the partnering techniques used to create these works at two levels: for dance students and pre-professionals, and open level for movers of all ages and abilities, no dance experience needed.

  • Title of Work: Objects and Outsiders – two works by Julianne Chapple
  • Premiere Date and Venue/Location: ‘Self Portrait’ Premiered at Edam Dance, Dec 2016, ‘the edges of things are ill defined’ premiered at the Dance Centre Lola Projects showing Feb 2015
  • This project is a: double bill (general audience)
  • Length in Minutes (including intermission): 50 minutes
  • Is there an intermission: No
  • Number of Performers on Tour: 5
  • Number of Support Staff on Tour: 1
  • Per-Performance Fee Range: $2500-5000
  • Available to Tour (Season): 2017/18 Season, 2018/19 Season, 2019/20 Season

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This work is appropriate for a theatre or unconventional venue. The only requirements are ability for a full blackout and one exposed wall that is able to bear weight. Very basic sound and lighting needs.

‘Self Portrait’
Dance in Vancouver, The Dance Centre, Vancouver, BC
Dancing on the Edge Festival, Vancouver, BC, 2017
‘After the Fall’, Edam Dance Series, Vancouver, BC, 2016

‘the edges of things are ill defined’
Dancing on the Edge, Vancouver, BC, 2016
Dance Days, Dance Victoria, Victoria, BC, 2016
Expanse, Chinook Series, Edmonton, AB, 2016

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Julianne Chapple
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214-522 E 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC
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Julianne Chapple
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