PROX:IMITY RE:MIX is a 2 week process that offers skill building in dance, theatre and new media and highlights the unique identities and talents of local youth. The PROX:IMITY RE:MIX project is aimed at youth (ages 15-24) who are interested in being part of the creation of a multimedia and dance creation. No previous performance training is necessary.

PROX:IMITY RE:MIX was developed by MACHiNENOiSY from our project Law of Proximity. Law of Proximity was a community-engaged project in which we mentored 8 queer youth in the creation of a multimedia dance performance. Using the original process as a working template, we will meet with local youth (queer and non-queer) over a two-week period recreating scenes and training them in improvisation, contact dance, performance and new media to create a 35-45 minute performance that explores issues of identity, gender and community.

Duration: 2 weeks

Participants: Youth ages 15-24; Maximum 10 participants

Setting: Dance appropriate space

Disciplines: Dance, improvisation, theatre, and new media

Technical Requirements: Requires sound and video technology

Contact Information

MACHiNE NOiSY – Daelik