Unwrapping Culture


Unwrapping Culture brings together two international exceptional male dance artists: Canada’s own Alvin Erasga Tolentino, and Pichet Klunchun, an outstanding exponent of the Thai classical dance style of Khon, who is known internationally for contemporizing this ancient form. The recreation of this bold performance combines the technique, theatricality and storytelling elements of Khon to create a devastating critique of the corruption of authentic Thai culture by the forces of global commercialization. Passionate and bitingly funny – the riveting duet immerses the audience in the conflict between traditional and modern.


Now in it’s 17th season, Co.ERASGA Dance is led by critically acclaimed dancer and choreographer Alvin Erasga Tolentino. An international dance company that supports and contributes to the development and enhancement of contemporary dance globally, Co.ERASGA continues to seek new and challenging projects that provide opportunities and cross-cultural issues in today’s society. Among its memorable and critically acclaimed dance productions presented in Vancouver includes SOLA, BATO/Stone, MINORI, Volt, She Said, Field, OrienTik/Portrait, BODYGlass, PARADISE/Paradis, ADAMEVE/Man-Woman, Expose, Colonial , Shifting Geography and most recently Unwrapping Culture. To date, Co.ERASGA has visited over 50 diverse cities and communities outside of Vancouver to share the art of dance.

Pichet Klunchun and Alvin Erasga Tolentino

Conception, Performance and Choreography:
Alvin Erasga Tolentino
Pichet Klunchun

Lighting and Technical Direction: Mark Eugster

Transcultural dance pedagogy /No dance experience, open to the general public facilitated by the revered Thai artists Pichet Klunchun and Canada’s Alvin Erasga Tolentino

Transcultural public dialogue – Critical observation on how our culture is develop, authorships, creative and intellectual properties, tradition versus contemporary culture practice.

  • Title of Work: Unwrapping Culture
  • Premiere Date and Venue/Location: The dance centre October 2015
  • This project is a: Full Length Work (General Audience, Site Specific / Outdoors, Experimental/Edgy, Culturally Specific)
  • Length in Minutes (including intermission): 60
  • Is there an intermission: No
  • Number of Performers on Tour: 2
  • Number of Support Staff on Tour: 2
  • Per-Performance Fee Range: $2500-5000
  • Available to Tour (Season): 2018/19 Season, 2019/20 Season

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Work can be presented in non-conventional spaces
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The Dance Centre Vancouver- October 2016
MAI-Montreal Arts Culturel October 2015
Alliance Francais-Bangkok February 2016
Danceforum Manila- February 2016
Infringing dance festival Nanaimo- July 2017
Dancing on the Edge Festival -July 2017
TPAM-Tokyo Performing Arts Market -Feb 2018

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1408-207 West Hastings St. Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7 CANADA
Indigenous Territory
Unceded Musqueam
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Alvin Erasga Tolentino
Phone / Téléphone
604 687 6185
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Password available upon request