Weaver Woman


Weaver Woman is a dance-theatre performance based on a contemporary Korean short story, with movement using nihon buyoh (Japanese classical dance); music composed for Chinese instruments, cello, voice and percussion, and spoken text from the original story in English and Korean. It is a magical journey through the mind and spirit of a remarkable woman. It is a unique piece of dance-theatre created by an incredible team of interdisciplinary and intercultural artists.

“profound, moving dance…People in the audience were so touched they cried.” Vancity Buzz
“a visual and aural extravaganza” Beyond YVR
“an exhilarating experience” Review Vancouver
“Fabulous, deep, exquisite, detailed, heartfelt, intellectual” audience member facebook post

TomoeArts (pronounced toh-moh-ay) makes performances of power, elegance & beauty.We promote & perform nihon buyoh (Japanese classical dance), & create performances incorporating Japanese forms & aesthetics.We have produced traditional dances in parks, contemporary dance-theatre in art galleries, festival-dance inspired performance with hand-held projectors in rainy city streets, & kabuki dance concerts featuring master artists from Japan.We also offer classes and workshops.
Co-director/Choreographer/Performer: Colleen Lanki – a theatre performer, director, choreographer and educator. Based in Tokyo for many years studying nihon buyoh (Japanese classical dance) and working in contemporary theatre. <www.colleenlanki.com>

Composer/Performer: Lan Tung – an erhu soloist, composer, improviser, producer, and administrator. She is the artistic director of The Orchid Ensemble. <www.orchidensemble.com>

Other creator-collaborators: Matthew Romantini & Maki Yi.


TomoeArts regularly offers workshops/lecture demos in Japanese classical dance and theatre, as well as training in interdisciplinary dance/theatre creation. The team could offer workshops/lecture-demos in many kinds of dance and theatre, world music and collaborative creation. If artist Etsu Inoue also travelled with us, there is an option for a visual art workshop as well. And between us we speak at least 8 languages!

Title of Work
Weaver Woman
Premiere Date and Venue/Location
Premiere performances: July 3-5, 2015
Scotiabank Dance Centre – Faris Studio
Presented by TomoeArts and Dancing on the Edge
This project is a: full-length work (General Audience)
Length of Work (including intermission): 55 minutes
Is there an intermission: No
Number of Performers on tour: 6
Number of Touring Support Staff: 2
Per-Performance Fee Range: $3000 – $5000
Available to Tour (Season):Fall 2018, Spring 2019 (after April 20), Fall 2019, Spring 2020

Other Performance Information

Titre de l’œuvre
Weaver Woman
Date, diffuseur et lieu de la première
Premiere performances: July 3-5, 2015
Scotiabank Dance Centre – Faris Studio

Presented by TomoeArts and Dancing on the Edge
Ce projet est
full-length work
Durée de l’œuvre (incluant l’entracte)
55 minutes
IY a-t-il un entracte?
Nombre d’interprètes
Nombre de personnel de soutien à la tournée

Set: one hanging set piece

Space requirements: 9m wide x 8m deep. Grid height 7m. Some wing space with a back crossover.

Technical Requirements: white scrim or cyclorama upstage, wide-angle projector minimum 3000 lumen projector with a 1.2x throw ratio

2009 – Ten Nights of Dream – dance-theatre incorporating projected scenography.
2010 – Odori: The World of Kabuki Dance – featuring master dancers and costumers from Japan
2011 – EN: a raincity street dance – site-specific, using projections & live music
2012 – Shamisen & Odori – concert featuring master dancers/musicians from Japan.
2014 – Fragments of a Weaver Woman – a concert version
2016 – Kayoi Komachi – a noh chamber opera (concert version)
2017 – Kayoi Komachi/Komachi Visited – a noh chamber opera (full production)

Contact Information/Coordonnées

Company Name / Nom de la compagnie
Address / Adresse
677 Davie Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 2G6
Contact Person / Personne-ressource
Colleen Lanki
Phone / Téléphone
(604) 607-5978
Email / Courriel
Website http://www.tomoearts.org

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