Wells Hill

Action at a Distance / Vanessa Goodman

Three years in the making, Vancouver’s Vanessa Goodman brings the world premiere of Wells Hill to the DanceHouse stage. Seven exceptional dancers splice themes of technology and communication into this smart, vibrant new work based on the sweeping philosophies of Marshall McLuhan and Glenn Gould. These two Canadian luminaries altered how we consume art and information, and their prescient ideas provide an engaging framework for an exciting, immersive performance that is both visceral and cerebral.


Action at a Distance Dance Society is a Vancouver-based contemporary dance company under the artistic direction of choreographer Vanessa Goodman. The priority of the company is to foster work that reflects the human condition, using dance to decode contemporary experience. It is the company’s goal to create immersive environments, working towards facilitating an engrossing experience for those who witness the work. Goodman was the recipient of the 2013 Iris Garland Choreographer Award and the 2017 Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program. She has been commissioned to create works for the Dancing on the Edge Festival, The Gwaii Trust, Vancouver Biennale and Simon Fraser University. Most recently her work has toured nationally and internationally at The Canada Dance Festival, The Magnetic North Festival, The Dance Made in/Fait au Canada Festival, The Risk/Reward Festival, On the Boards, The Dance Centre, Small Stage, The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Push OFF, The Modulus Festival and The Chutzpah! Festival. Upcoming presentations include “Wells Hill” presented by Dance House and SFUW and “Container” at the Bienal Internacional de Dança Do Ceará in Brazil.
Vanessa Goodman

James Proudfoot, Gabriel Soloman, Scott Morgan, Milton Lim, Ben Didier, Diane Park, Lara Barclay, Alexa Mardon, Dario Dinuzzi, Bevin Poole, Karissa Barry, Bynh Ho and Arash Khakpour

Action at a Distance is committed to a diverse platform of community engagement and outreach. Artist talk-backs, led workshops and demonstrations accompany the work. The creation of new performances and site-specific works with pre-professional dancers, recreational dancers, and community members fosters meaningful connections to dance and the touring work. Collaboration is the key to devising outreach activities specific to the interests of each community.
  • Title of Work:
  • Premiere Date and Venue/Location: Nov 24-26, 2017, Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre/149 West Hastings with DanceHouse and SFUW presenting partners
  • This project is a: Full Length Work (General Audience, Mainstage)
  • Length in Minutes (including intermission): 60
  • Is there an intermission: No
  • Number of Performers on Tour: 7
  • Number of Support Staff on Tour: 2
  • Per-Performance Fee Range: $2500-5000
  • Available to Tour (Season): 2018/19 Season, 2019/20 Season

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3 projectors provided by the company
25 Florescent lights provided by the company
White marley floor
Stage dimensions are adaptable
Computer play back for sound
Dressing rooms for artists
For a more detailed tech rider please contact the company
2019 Wells Hill -60mins, (remount) for The Shadbolt Arts Centre, Burnaby

2018 Downstream -60mins, World Premiere, Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver

2017 Wells Hill -60mins, SFU Cultural Programming Unit, Dance House & DIV, Vancouver

2017 Container – 20mins, Bienal Internacional de Dança do Ceará, Brazil

2017 Container -15mins, Dance Made in Canada Festival, Toronto

2017 Floating Upstream -20mins, North West New Works at On the Boards, Seattle, USA

2017 Accumulating – 24mins, Edam Choreographic Series, Vancouver

2017 Floating Upstream -13mins, The Scotiabank Dance Centre (TDC) IDD, Vancouver

2016 Looped -3mins, Short and Sweet, Halifax

2016 Floating Upstream -10mins, TDC, Open House, Vancouver

2016 Container -20mins, Risk/Reward Festival, Portland, USA

2016 Container -20mins, North West New Works Festival, Seattle, USA

2016 research-20mins, Dance Connection, New Brunswick

2016 Inside Sound-8mins, Ballet BC & Small Stage, The Shadbolt Arts Centre, Burnaby

2016 To Colour Thought -50min, Mixed bill for The Shadbolt Arts Centre, Burnaby

2016 Container -15mins, PuSh OFF, The Cutch, Vancouver

2015 Wells Hill -30mins (excerpt), DIV The Faris Theatre, curated by Pirjetta Mulari, Vancouver

2015 Container -12mins, DOTE, Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver

2015 Container -6mins, Dances for a Small Stage/Magnetic North Festival/Canada Dance Festival, National Arts Centre, Ottawa

2015 Wells Hill -30mins (excerpt), Chutzpah! International Performance Festival, Vancouver

2014 what belongs to you -54mins, Co-Production w DOTE, TDC, Vancouver

2013 what belongs to you -20mins (research), DIV, curated by Jeanne Holmes, Vancouver

2013 Down Goes Fraser -17mins, DOTE: Edge Three, Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver

2013 The Long Indoors -18mins, Co-Production w/TDC, TDC, Vancouver

2013 what belongs to you -38mins (excerpt), Dance Allsorts, Roundhouse Theatre, Vancouver

2012 peeling away like a bubble in wallpaper -25mins, DOTE, Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver

2012 what belongs to you -15mins (excerpt), IDD, TDC, Vancouver

2012 what belongs to you -6mins (excerpt), Vancouver Biennale, Vancouver

2011 sight unseen -20mins, Artist in Residence, Masset, Hadia Gwaii


Contact Information/Coordonnées

Company Name / Nom de la compagnie
Action at a Distance / Vanessa Goodman
Address / Adresse
212-2141 East Hastings St. Vancouver BC V5L 1V2
Contact Person / Personne-ressource
Vanessa Goodman
Phone / Téléphone
604 928 8142
Email / Courriel

Full Length Video

Premiere is in Nov full video available post Dance in Vancouver.